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How to use optical modules correctly

Jan. 25, 2021

Precise optical components and circuit components are integrated in the optical module. Pay attention to operating in accordance with the specifications during daily use. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the optical module and even cause equipment failure. Next, we will introduce the correct use of optical modules and precautions


Installation method

①Install the optical module

Insert the module firmly. If you hear a "pop" sound or feel a slight vibration, it means that the module card lock is in place. When the optical module lock is not in place. The finger is slightly in contact with the connector on the board. The link may be connected. However, under conditions of vibration, collision, etc., the optical module may break down or become loose. In addition, after inserting the optical module, you can pull out the optical module again. If it cannot be pulled out, it means that the optical module has been inserted.

② Pull out the optical module

When pulling out the optical module, first pull out the external optical fiber connector from the optical module. Then pull the handle of the optical module to a position of about 90 degrees to the optical port and slowly pull it out. When pulling out, do not use too much force or pull out when the handle is not in place. The optical module can be pulled out easily if the handle is in place, otherwise the shielding cover of the optical module may be damaged.


①Anti-static protection

Whether indoor or outdoor. Anti-static measures must be taken when touching the optical module. Make sure to touch the optical module with your hands while wearing anti-static gloves. Do not touch the golden finger part of the optical module.

②Prevent optical port pollution

Avoid prolonged exposure of the optical module. When the fiber jumpers and optical modules that are not in use are not in use, be sure to put on dust caps in time to prevent dust from entering the optical module and affecting its performance.

Choose high-quality fiber optic connectors. It is best to wipe the fiber jumper connector inserted into the optical module with high-purity alcohol cotton before use to avoid cross-contamination of the optical port due to contamination of the end face of the optical jumper.

③Insert the fiber connector correctly

When inserting the optical fiber connector into the optical module, ensure that the optical fiber connector is inserted horizontally into the optical port of the optical module. Avoid diagonal insertion to avoid damage to the fiber end face or sleeve.

④Handle with care

There are ceramic parts inside the optical module. When handling the optical module, handle it gently. If it is accidentally dropped or hit hard, it may cause damage to the ceramic parts. The subsequent weakening of the optical power will affect the transmission quality of the optical link.