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WS-57EYA2U 32 Ports Er/Yb Co-doped Optical amplifier

The WS-57EYAxx series high power amplifier is a high power multi-output optical fiber amplifier with a gain spectrum bandwidth of 1535~1565nm. It is mainly designed for CATV or 1~8 continuous strip channels (ITU wavelength) applications. It provides a flexible, low-cost solution for large-scale FTTH coverage of CATV systems in large and medium-sized cities.

WS-57EYAxx can achieve single-wavelength cable TV transmission, CWDM single-fiber three- wave, flat-gain type, DWDM; its reliable and excellent performance ratio between the main application of FTTH, FTTB, DBS, MMDS, FTTX pon, is to build CATV large Medium-sized optical fiber transmission network is an important equipment.

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  • Adopts world top brand pump lasers and the OFS fiber of United States, advanced LG switch low-power circuit design, greatly reducing the overall power consumption and heat.

  • Perfect APC, ACC, ATC control, users use in different networks, good ventilation design and temperature-controlled fan, ensure the long life and high reliability of PUMP laser.

  • Using digital control chip, remote or local output power adjustable.

  • Excellent protection circuit design, with light detection, optical return loss monitoring. Great protection of lasers and light path safety.

  • Built-in low-noise preamplifier eliminates the need for cascaded EDFA, allowing input light to be as low as -5dBm, greatly reducing CNR and MER degradation.

  • Demultiplexer for 1310/1490/1560nm EPON and GPON. It greatly facilitates network applications with PON. Low noise figure (type ≤ 4.5dB, Max ≤ 5.0dB);

  • The total output optical power is optional: 2-10W (33-40dBm);

  • The front panel can be removed and replaced flexibly according to the number of output ports; Can add a built-in optical switch module to facilitate the expansion of the device function; Cooling fan supports online replacement;

  • The front panel LCD provides the operating parameters and alarms of the entire unit. RJ45 provides serial communication and SNMP network management interface; Carrier-grade dual power hot backup, CPU assignable power.

Technical parameters




Input power

-5dBm~+10dBmnormal input -2dBm~+5dBm

Output power

33dBm~40dBmWDM -1dBm

Output port

SC: 16/32/64LC: 32/64/128

Each output power

10~23dBm or customized


< 5.0dBPin=0dB

Polarization dependence loss (PDL)

< 0.3dB

Polarization dependence gain (PDG)

< 0.4dB

Polarization mode dispersion


< 0.3dB

Pump leakage power

< -30dBm

Echo loss

≥ 56dB

Optical connector


Supply voltage




Working temperature

-5℃ ~+42

Storage temperature

-40℃ ~+80

Working relative humidity


Product net size


Package dimension


WS-56EYA2U 16 Ports Er/Yb Co-doped Optical amplifier