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Tips for the selection and use of light modules

Jul. 16, 2021

The optical module consists of an optoelectronic device, a functional circuit, and an optical interface, which includes two parts: transmitting and receiving. The optical module can convert the electrical signal to the optical signal through the optical conversion, and then convert the optical signal to the optical signal. Any optical module has two functions of sending and receiving, for photoelectric conversion and electric-optical conversion, so that on both ends of the network equipment are inseparable from the optical module. Devices in a data center are often everything, and optical modules are indispensable to connect them. Today, optical modules have become a market segment of data centers.

Selection of the optical module

With the breadth of optical modules, more and more customers focus on the characteristics of the stability and reliability of the module itself. There are three popular light modules in the market: original, used and compatible light modules. As is well known to all, the price of the original light modules is very high, and many manufacturers can only flinch. As for the second-hand light module, although its price is relatively low, but the quality is not guaranteed, often in the use of half a year after the phenomenon of the loss of bags. As a result, many manufacturers have shifted their attention to compatible light modules. Indeed, the compatible light module in use, its performance is almost similar to the original light module, and the price is several times cheaper than the original light module, which is also the reason why the compatible light module can be popular. However, the good and bad goods on the market are uneven, many businesses and shoddy, fish eye mixed beads, the selection of light module caused a certain difficulty, the following slender talk about the choice of light module.

First, the first question, how do we distinguish between new and used light modules? As we mentioned above, the second-hand light module often has packet loss after six months of use, due to its instability of light power and decreased light sensitivity. If we have an optical power meter, come out and see if the optical power is consistent with the parameters in the data manual. If the access is too large, then the used light module.

Then observe the after-sales use of the optical module. A normal light module has a service life of 5 years, and it is basically difficult to see it in the first year, but it is visible in the second or third year of its use.

Second, see the compatibility between the optical module and the device. Before buying, consumers should communicate with the supplier about which brand of equipment they need to use on.

Finally, we'll look at the temperature adaptability of the light module. The temperature generated by the light module itself is not high, but its general working environment is in the machine room or on the switch, and the temperature is too high or too low will affect its optical power, light sensitivity and other parameters. In general, the light module used has a temperature range of 0~70 C, and if in an extremely cold or hot environment, the industrial-40~85 C light module should be used.

Tips for using the light modules

If in the process of use, the function of the optical module fails, do not worry, carefully check and analyze the specific reasons. There are two main function failures, namely transmitter terminal failure and receiving terminal failure. The most common reasons are mainly included in several aspects:

Light module light port exposure