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New Product - 52EYA

Dec. 23, 2019

Erbium yetterbium co-doped optical fiber amplifier (EYDFA) is one of the main varieties in the fiber amplifier market. It is widely used in WDM systems, access networks and cable television. It is usually used as a power amplifier in CATV transmission systems to increase the power of the transmitter. It greatly increases the number of users covered by the optical transmitter, and can also be used as a repeater amplifier for optical fiber lines to compensate for optical splitters and line losses, which greatly increases the transmission distance.

Combined with the development trend of the optical fiber transmission industry and a large number of market research, WSEE officially launched the 52 series of new EYDFA after the 50 series of EYDFA. This series of products have been put into production and officially sold in December.

The device uses a digital control chip and has perfect APC (Automatic Power Control), ACC (Automatic Current Control), and ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) functions.

Pump laser switch lock provides reliable guarantee for equipment safety.

Redundant power supply design, support online hot swap.

The excellent structure design of the heat dissipation system ensures the high stability and reliability of the equipment.

In addition, the 52 EYDFA devices have not only been greatly optimized in terms of technical indicators, but compared with the traditional EYDFA on the market, the biggest feature of this device is the additional addition of optical switches, network management monitoring, and support for USP (power failure) functions.

New Product - 52EYA

Optical switches are used for optical path switching in optical communications. Realize the on-off and conversion of optical channels. Such as the switch between the main and backup optical fibers, optical switch in the optical switch. Can provide a reliable guarantee for the smoothness of the optical fiber transmission line.

52EYA use well-known brand JDSU 2 * 1 optical switches, using high-performance optical circuit automatic switching modules, small insertion loss, real-time monitoring of the main channel optical signal. If it drops to the switching value, it will drive the optical switching device, select the normal optical signal one output, and the device display can accurately display the working parameters of the optical switch in real time.

New Product - 52EYA

Network management monitoring refers to the real-time, effective, and accurate feedback of the device's operating parameters to the computer through software, and the device's operating status can be viewed intuitively through the computer. The 52EYA can connect the device to the computer through a network cable, which is convenient for more intuitive monitoring of the current operating status of the device. In addition, the device can be named by connecting to the computer through the USB interface, and the device name can be freely changed according to user requirements.

New Product - 52EYA

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an important external device that can provide continuous, stable, and uninterrupted power supply. By adding the UPS function, after the equipment is suddenly powered off, the UPS can be used to feed the equipment, so that the equipment can continue to operate normally and ensure the normal transmission of the optical fiber communication network. 

New Product - 52EYA