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AOC of active optical cable was first recognized

Sep. 16, 2021

In today's era of big data, people have an increasing demand for high speed and high bandwidth, and urgently want to have a new product to replace cable as the main transmission medium of high-performance computing and data center, so active optical cable (AOC) was born in this environment. What exactly is an active cable? What are the application areas and what are the advantages?

AOC uses a single optical fiber line to connect two high-density connectors. Active optical AOC need the assistance from external power supply for signal transmission, the transmission way is electric - light - electric conversion, that is to say, at one end of the active optical cable, the data input electric signal, through the photoelectric conversion device converts electrical signals to specific wavelengths of light signals, optical signal input after modulation, coupling to the transmission cable, optical signals, on the other side Photoelectric detection device will detect the optical signal after amplification, processing, and then output the corresponding electrical signal.

AOC of active optical cable was first recognized

Because the fiber has lighter, better bending properties, the advantages of the bit error rate is better than that of copper cable, has been a large number of manufacturing, used for data center, the high performance computer, such as mass storage devices for high rate, high reliability interconnect transmission equipment, it is usually to meet industry standard electrical interface, through internal electric light - electric conversion, The advantages of optical cable for data transmission.